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Lifestyle, Portrait and Wedding Photography by Philadelphia Photographer Sonja Fafaj

S&R Photography was founded in 2012 by two young adults looking to feed their creative souls. We started by photographing our friend’s engagement, and our family members. Before we knew it, we were photographing hundreds of strangers. It wasn’t long before they all felt like people we had known our whole lives. As the years passed by, our love for art and creativity continued to grow, as did our passion to make people happy!
S&R Photography offers creative photography services, but most importantly, we offer a memorable and unique experience. In a world of smart phones and digital cameras, we have no shortage of photographs. What we are missing from our modern and fast paced lives is art. People no longer take photos with their film cameras, which they used to develop, and later place neatly in an albums . Nowadays most people just take quick, blurry snapshots on their HD cellphone cameras. These images often get buried on Instagram galleries, or  forgotten and thrown away when it’s time for the next cellphone or computer upgrade. S&R Photography’s mission is to change the game! We don’t offer snapshots, you can take those yourself. S&R Photography offers creative and styled shoots for different events in your lives. We create works of art that you will proudly display in your home and cherish for many years to come. You will be able to pass these photos down from generation to generation, for all to see and love. If a photo looks beautiful on your computer screen it will look a thousand times better as a print. Trust me, I’m a photographer!
All of our sessions are crafted to suit your individual needs, and will be unlike any other session.
 Please contact us for more information or to schedule your session today.

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